Power users can work with Diversicon system using free open source tools DiverCLI and S-Match. Developers can look at APIs and libraries.

Command line tool to validate, merge and export Diversicon lexical resources into/from SQL databases.

Framework for semantic matching algorithms. It can read background knowledge from a variety of sources, included Diversicon databases. To learn more visit:



You can access the metadata on this catalog with the API of Dkan. Since Dkan is a clone of popular open data catalog CKAN, in theory any Ckan client should also work with DKAN.

Java libraries

Diversicon is split into several Java libraries published as Maven packages. For all of them you can find the source code on GitHub, published with liberal Apache v2 license (with the exception of tool DivMaker which is GPL3 due to its dependencies).

Diversicon Core : Java library to validate and merge lexical resources in a SQL DB . It is an extension of DKPro UBY framework .
Online manual   Source code    Javadoc

Diversicon Model: contains the data model of Diversicon, plus some example resources like Smartphones and Examplicon.
Online manual   Source code    Javadoc

Diversicon Wordnet 3.1: Wordnet 3.1 LMF XML, ANSI SQL and H2 database packaged as a Maven artifact.
Online manual   Source code   Javadoc

DivMaker: Tool to convert wordnets from Princeton form into LMF XML, ANSI SQL and H2 databases
Online manual   Source code

Diversicon Super POM: Parent Maven project for Diversicon libraries
Online manual   Source code